Co-working Spaces

The World’s Top Co-working Spaces

Part One

It’s not just startups anymore. A movement of collaborative, like-minded people have turned to the relative flexibility of shared working space, as a result, the demand for these communities has risen two-fold year on year.

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Intuit 2020 Report starts with: “Imagine a world where companies motivate and manage employees who never set foot in their corporate office.” An increasing mobile workforce, empowered by technology, has allowed a new generation of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives the freedom to work from almost anywhere in the world.

But with this newly harnessed freedom which co-working space do you choose?

Co-working Spaces1
Co-working Spaces1

The Trampery – London, UK

Spanning over four sites in London, Old Street, Tower Bridge, East India Dock and Hackney Wick, The Trampery offers some of the most unique and inspiring working environments in the UK. Their diverse architecture includes a modern glass structure overlooking the River Thames, an Edwardian brick warehouse, a 1960s-office block and a transformed 1990s office complex.

From designers, artists and emerging entrepreneurs to London’s elite travel and retail startups, The Trampery seeks to turbocharge the careers of their members.

Additionally, they have just been given the green light on an exciting live-work space for London entrepreneurs called Fish Island Village.

Location(s): Old Street, London; Tower Bridge London; East India Dock, London; Hackney Wick, London.

Industry specialties: Caters to all ages, industries, and startups.

Prices: For enquiries and prices see here.

Success stories: Citymapper, 2014; ETSY, 2011-12; Wotchit, current Old Street members.

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Co-working Spaces2
Co-working Spaces2

The Office Group – London, UK

The Office Group (TOG) is now the London’s largest privately-owned occupier of office space, with 31 buildings in the city. Offering co-working and office space from 2 to 400 people, TOG prides itself on its flexible approach and building a creative buzz at the heart of all its spaces.

“Co-working spaces are brilliant for smaller companies of up to 4 people who want a permanent workspace. Cost effective, flexible and full of a vibrant energy that comes from hundreds of like-minded people going it alone,” TOG tells The Untold. Membership to TOG includes access 15 co-working spaces, over 20 lounges, fitness classes, and networking events.

Location(s): Farringdon, London; Paddington, London; Shoreditch, London; plus +27 more London locations

Industry specialties: App creators and advertising agencies; makers and media companies, financiers and foodies; artists and architects; and a smorgasbord of startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Prices: Starting from £50pcm to £450pcm dependant on individual needs

Success stories: Learn more about TOG and members here

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Co-working Spaces3
Co-working Spaces3

Cogite – Tunis, Tunisia

Situated on the edge of the beautiful Les Berges du Lac in Tunis, Cogite‘s villa style working space is something to behold. This stand-alone co-working office offers 900 square metres of usable space, including meeting rooms, private offices and dedicated event space – and if it all gets a bit too heated inside, check extensive garden area!

Location(s): Les Berges du Lac, Tunis

Industry specialties: Tech, creatives, and e-commerce.

Prices: Packages vary from 8€ for a Day pass to 60€ for a Nomad membership (a monthly pass). Pricing can be seen here.

Success stories: Webradar, Expensya, Manuskri  and many more.

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Co-working Spaces4
Co-working Spaces4

Weserland – Berlin, Germany

In comparison to our previous working spaces, Weserland is a much more personal environment nurturing small businesses in Berlin, Germany. They welcome creatives, programmers, writers, students, journalists, artists, film-makers, photographers, small startups or even someone who just needs a temporary place to do their tax declaration. Born out the need to escape the cubicle world they have banned all the inhabitants from that fearful past: neon light batteries, smelly light grey carpeting, 2-gallon ‘coffee’ reservoirs and corporate compliant system desks. 

Location(s): Neukölln Berlin, German

Industry specialties: International and heterogenic crowds: Programmers, writers, artists, photographers, designers, movie makers, translators and more professions inspire each other, share lunches and stories.

Prices: 100€ flex desk pcm; 200€ fixed desks pcm

Success stories: The O; Where Do Swans Sleep

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Co-working Spaces5
Co-working Spaces5

Coollabore – Itajai, Brazil

Coollabore, located in South Brazil has tapped into a nationwide movement of workplace transformation. Co-founder, Mauro Federighi has a vision for entrepreneurship in his country; “We believe in a future where there will be no more bosses and employees, but business partners. We will all be entrepreneurs and collaborators. Big companies will also be replaced by flexible, eco-sustainable, agile and partner companies. No more boring jobs in the future! We all will have “Cool Labores” (Cool Jobs). The future is cool, the future is collaborative.”

Mauro’s creation has very quickly become a development hub for entrepreneurship, creativity, futurism and culture in the region.

Location(s): Itajai, Brazil

Industry specialties: Open to all industry collaborators

Prices: Plans starts at U$15/for day users. For more info see here.

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Co-working Spaces 6
Co-working Spaces 6

CO+HOOTS – Arizona, USA

With two spaces in central Phoenix, Arizona, CO+HOOTS are the only shared office that promotes collaboration and provides a professional, inspirational and self-sustaining space to grow and nurture entrepreneurialism in the area. Their infectious positivity has nurtured some big names including Uber and Heckler Design.

“You’ll hear us say it time and time again; we’re more than just a space. We’re about people. …but yes, we have an awesome space and we’re happy to share it with the community.”

Location(s): Washington St, Phoenix & Indianola Ave, Phoenix

Industry specialties: No specialist industries, open to all

Prices: Starting from $79/month, designated desk memberships from $350/month. Team spaces from $1299/month and private offices as low as $1499/month.

Success stories: Uber Phoenix , Heckler Design, Sputnik Moment, Code Technology

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Co-working Spaces 7
Co-working Spaces 7

Dreamplex – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Visited by President Barrack Obama in May 2016, Dreamplex is the biggest co-working space available in Vietnam. The beautifully designed space in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City brands itself as an environment for real startup entrepreneurs, creatives, consultants and investors to work collaboratively or privately.

Location(s): Centre of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City; New location launching in Jan 2017

Industry specialties: Open to an assortment of industries

Prices: Flexible desks: 100$US pcm; Fixed desks: 160$US/pcm; Studio Private Offices starting from 1,000$US/pcm for 4pax suite room (24/7, full price, full serviced, full equipped furnished…)

Success stories:; Elsa 

If none of these unique spaces take your fancy check out part two! Bulgaria, New York, and Thailand are just some of the locations of amazing co-working offices featured.