Co-working Spaces

The World’s Top Co-working Spaces

Part Two

If you haven’t seen ‘The World’s Top Co-working Spaces – Part One’, you’ll see the creative co-working spaces we’ve covered so far, including Weserland, Germany, Coollabore, Brazil, & Dreamplex, Vietnam.

Without further ado, check out these idea-nurturing environments:

Co-working Spaces1
Co-working Spaces1

The Hive – Hong Kong

With eight entrepreneurial communities across Asia; five in Hong Kong, one in Singapore and 2 in Bangkok, The Hive, The Hive is one of hottest co-working spaces on the continent. A welcoming environment and amazing design make The Hive offices a perfect place for like-minded people to get a real buzz of the creative energy generated.

Location(s): 8 offices across Asia:

Industry specialties: A mixture of industries collaborate here

Prices: Day pass from 350 thb to private office 40,000 thb a month

Success stories: Love Frankie; Octotrip ; Medical Departure

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Co-working Spaces2
Co-working Spaces2

Betahaus – Sofia, Bulgaria

Betahaus is the first co-working space in Bulgaria and one of the most sought after events venues. In heart of the capital city – Sofia, the space is a part of one of the most successful co-working networks in Europe with branches in Berlin, Barcelona and Hamburg.

“Our community is growing fast. The members of the space are more than 180. We have 3 floors, 1800 sqm. space; 2 workspaces and 11 private offices with 210 seats; 1 event space and 2 meeting rooms with 135 seats; cafe with 50 seats”

Location(s): Sofia, Bulgaria; Berlin & Hamburg, Germany; Barcelona, Spain.

Industry specialities: Startups, founders, freelancers, VCs and innovators — from all sectors to inspire and be inspired.

Prices: 115 eur for monthly flex desk, 150 eur for monthly fix desk. Other options available

Success stories: Viber; Farmhopping; Speedifly 

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Co-working Spaces3
Co-working Spaces3

Nowhere Studios – NY, USA

One of the top co-working spaces in New York. Nowhere Studios is a 2200sqf shared artist and office space curated for filmmakers, photographers, writers, designers, fabricators, artists, small businesses and anyone who likes to get creative. Open 24/7 with no time limits, exposed brick, cosy wood-fired stove, handmade furniture, super-fast wifi, tons of natural light, 15-foot ceilings, full kitchen and a killer roof deck with hammocks and Adirondack chairs make the studio your second home.

Location(s): Crowd Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Industry specialties: Film, photography, design, writing, publication, or non-profit organizations

Prices: Flex space starts at $180 a month, more info can be found here.

Success stories: Nowhere MagazineEdible Brooklyn Magazine; Think Olio; Vinyl Revolution

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Co-working Spaces4
Co-working Spaces4

Green Spaces – Colorado, USA

Green Spaces is a sustainable co-working community of more than 200 like-minded individuals and businesses in the heart of Denver’s RiNo Arts District. If you are a non-for-profit organisation they give 25% off membership as well as giving away one FREE workspace to a lucky candidate each year in conjunction with their Give Back Programme. We like the fact that they are dog-friendly with yoga classes and pizza lunches, but that just us.

Location(s): RiNo Arts District, Denver, Colorado

Industry specialties: Welcome all industries but specialise in non-profit and green-minded entrepreneurs

Prices: Membership starts at $75pcm to $1395pcm, more info can be found here.

Success stories: Denver Food Rescue, PocketScience, Wildearth Guardians, Zodiac Event Displays

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Co-working Spaces5
Co-working Spaces5

Kohub – Koh Lanta, Thailand

A welcoming, fun and productive oasis for people traveling through Thailand, Kohub is a mecca for the digital nomad traveling through Asia. Bamboo sofas and hammocks may make it seem like a holiday destination but behind the tropical paradise are over 700 members from 70 different countries thriving in this creative space.

Location(s): Koh Lanta, Thailand

Industry specialties: Tech, film-makers, photographers and nomadic entrepreneurs

Prices: £5-10 per day, 24-hour access, 7 days a week. For more info see here.

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Co-working Spaces 6
Co-working Spaces 6

The Working Capitol – Singapore

From as little as $50 a month, Singapore’s vibrant entrepreneurs can be members of The Working Capitol (TWC). Their new memberships seek to be an accessible launchpad for connection, networking, and access to exclusive member services and insight.

“We aim to help companies be more productive, attract top talent, and grow their company cultures by associating with TWC.” Saranta Gattie, Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer.

Location(s): Keong Saik, Singapore; Robinson, Singapore.

Industry specialties: Cater to a diverse number of industries and organisations.

Prices: For membership options see here.

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Co-working Spaces 6
Co-working Spaces 6

Hubud – Bali

Hubud [Hub-in-Ubud] is Bali’s first co-working space, creating a diverse community of traveling entrepreneurs and creatives in Bali’s incredible surroundings.

In addition to the co-working space on offer, they also run over 350 events throughout the year. In November 2016, powered by Google for entrepreneurs, Hubud hosted ‘Startup Weekend in Bali’, an initiative that is designed to generate a stronger global community of entrepreneurs through the largest startup competition in the world.

Location(s): Ubud, Bali

Industry specialties: Home to a broad range of industries

Prices: Membership starts at USD25. You can see more details about our membership offers here. 

Success stories: Wanderer Bracelets , MrFopa , Gringgo

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Co-working Spaces 7
Co-working Spaces 7

WeWork – WorldWide

WeWork have co-working offices in New York, India, Hong Kong; 139 office locations in over 34 countries to be precise. Their mission to “create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living”, has resonated with thousands of people around the globe and helped develop a creative, collaborative environment in which everyone can thrive.

“Where you become part of a greater ‘we’. A place where we’re redefining success measured by personal fulfillment, not just the bottom line. Community is our catalyst.”

Being from London we love the WeWork Paddington. Just north of Hyde Park it has a very upbeat but laid-back vibe along with bike storage, a wellness room, a game room, and a pair of sunny terraces.

Location(s): 139 locations, in 34 countries.

Industry specialties: Open to all industries

Prices: Prices vary between locations, more info can be found here.

These centres of creativity and collaboration are an excellent way of refreshing your working atmosphere, and more importantly, great networking opportunity! If you aren’t fortunately enough to live near any of these on our list, do some research and take a tour – who knows it might inspire you…